Tips from the Top - September 2017


Weekly Status Reports

In addition to what we have discussed in our TAB Board Meetings, I have added some additional requirements from my staff as to what to include in our Weekly Status Reports…

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Sharing the Rewards of Performance

What I learned today from the Members of my TAB Board is when you are trying to develop a performance-based, incremental compensation plan for employees who provide professional services, you should consider the following…

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Quick Tips

Ask Yourself…

Are you getting 100% of the available, good business from your existing clients?

By : Richard Simmons, TAB South Auckland

As Business Owners…

We are the brains of our companies.

By : Laura Drury, TAB Denver East-Northeast

Think Longer Term

When we make a change in an employee's job description, or add additional help, there is one question I ask: “What do you see as the impact of this change on our company one year down the road?”

By : Chris Martinez, Central Electric

Alternative to Bonuses

Rather than pay out bonuses, think about a company RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contribution matching plan, there are lots of tax benefits from the company perspective as well as the employee perspective.

By : Kim Christie, TAB Winnipeg Board 401