Tips from the Top - June 2017


Presenting Your Price Increase

When I knew that I needed to increase my labor hourly rate, I chose to do a calculation of what my actual costs were and added an appropriate margin.

The result I came up with was an unrounded amount (not an even number ending in .00), and, after some thought, I decided to use the new rate as-is rather than rounding up or down...

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You Have the Power to Make Customers Happy

Would you love for your team to take on more responsibility? Tell them, “You have the power to make a customer happy!” Not only does this approach help you as the business owner deal with fewer problems, it also has the effect of making the employees feel better about themselves and how they can influence the company they work for. Of course, you have happy customers too...!

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Quick Tips

Let’s Talk Values

Within organizations we talk about values, culture, alignment and more. Whatever terms you use, it is imperative that you and the rest of your organization are aligned.

For example, as an individual what do you value more—sales or delivery? What does your organization value more—sales or delivery? If your top priority is sales and the rest of your organization prioritizes delivery, you will likely have conflicts. An organization is driven by its top priority.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be great at more than one thing. It means you need to figure out what is your driving force—sales or delivery? The conflicts from differences in priorities will lead to unnecessary stress, too many meetings, customer experience issues and, ultimately, it will negatively hit your bottom line. So ask yourself the question—are you and your team aligned?

By : Melodie Reagan, Crazy Good Marketing

Make Sure Your Website Domain is Yours

Make sure your website domain name is registered in your name and not in someone else's name, such as your IT service provider, internal IT person or web host. If someone leaves your employment or goes out of business, you could find it difficult to gain back control of it.

By : Steve Gilbertson, Electramatic, Inc.

All Eyes on You

Everyone is watching you to set the pace and the culture.

By : Laura Drury, TAB Denver East/Northeast

From Canada to the U.S.

For Canadian companies wanting to do business in the United States, it is a good idea to take a careful look at your liability insurance to ensure you are adequately covered to do business in the U.S.

By : Kim Christie, TAB Winnipeg Board 401

Remote Employees

Some businesses assume that employees are only working when they are physically present. Keep that in mind when you consider hiring remote employees; the fact that you can’t see them does not imply that they are not working for you!

By : David Hirsch, Charles Leonard Inc.