Tips from the Top - February 2017


Hire for the Big Picture

You may often be tempted to hire just for a current skill set or for the size of your business. When hiring an administrative person to manage your office, you may stop there and assume you have a job well done now that the role is filled.

However, I advise you to think farther into your future…

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Why Did Our Company Not Get the Job?

Creating quotes can be a very time consuming process. How long does it take you to prepare a quote?

Tracking the time you spend on all of your project or job quotes is a best practice for a couple of reasons…

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Quick Tips

The Best of Times

Congratulations! You have a business partner. Before you get too far down the road together, take crucial time to document your roles, your boundaries (possibly including performance, metrics and compensation) and how you will resolve conflicts.

Do this while things are good, because it will be much easier than when things are tense. You’ll be glad you did.

By : The Best of Times

TMI (Too Much Information)

If a prospect or client asks you to send them a resource, before leaping into action to send them too many materials, say this:

"I have a dump truck of information. Before I send it, why don’t you tell me about the problem you are trying to solve so I can ensure you get exactly what you need?"

By taking a moment to ask a defining question, you can save yourself time and effort while saving your contact from potential frustration.

By : Rick Maher, Effective Human Resources

Present and Future

Make sure your company is creating business for the future, not just today.

By : Bob Smith, Thermo Tech Air Conditioning

Hone Your Hiring

Before hiring a person for an internal marketing role, take some time to figure out your marketing-plan goals, customer profiles, and tactics. Then determine the volume of tasks and expertise that each item will require. If the volume of hours needed per month is low but high skill level is required, consider contracting out. If the volume of time is high and/or the skill set requirement is low, you may choose to keep the role in-house.

As an example, writing or strategizing a marketing plan should be done by an expert who has experience in writing at least 50 plans prior to tackling yours. Creating a marketing concept or design can be done once by an expert. An internal project manager can execute your marketing plan and concepts by coordinating and distributing changes. If content and social media figure into your strategy, you can hire or contract a social media professional.

By : Kim Christie, TAB Winnipeg