Tips from the Top - November 2017


Value of Weekly Status Reports

Many projects require client input at certain stages to complete the project on time. Unfortunately, a project can fall behind if the client does not provide the information required in a timely manner…

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Back Casting Your Business Goals

The technique of back casting is essentially the reverse of forecasting and it works like this…

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Quick Tips

New Employees and Culture

New employees don’t change the culture of a company; new employees adopt the existing culture of their new company (be it a good or bad culture).

By : Margaret Hawkes, Freedom Mobility Ltd.

Just Do It!

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge!

By : Harshad Soma, Ledgerworks

It’s Important to Celebrate

Teams need successes to celebrate; it’s our job to grow the company to create a good energy and environment for the team. Being too comfortable isn’t good. You need the passion to move the business forward.

By : Melissa Baker, Xebee Records

Tried Xero?

Xero — the best thing we ever did!

By : Andrew Steffert, Chris Peebles Electrical

Time Efficiency

Call your office on the way back to get 1 or 2 meetings done with your team.

By : Alyssa Forslund, Marks Paneth